Photo credit: Douglas Mark Black

Photo credit: Douglas Mark Black

"Seedesign Studio aims to contribute to, nurture and encourage smart design solutions in a collaborative environment to deliver high quality design and built outcomes with a point of difference."

Seedesign Studio is a boutique landscape architecture company that has been operating in Perth, WA since 2015.

Our staff are highly skilled creatives who have a reputation for providing world class design solutions for our clients on projects of all scales. Whether in a public or private environment, our passion centres around making unique places for people.

Our skill set and design ethos interfaces seamlessly with the evolving nature of our built environment. We are proud of our work which embraces advances in environmental practices and technologies to ensure that what we implement is not only cutting edge, but also enhances our local environment.

We’ve caught the eye of many local architects and developers for our ability to offer a point of difference through design, to contribute to big picture thinking,  but also to provide accurate advice on cost and buildability.